Slovenia offers numerous opportunities for cycling, however the majority of organized cycling excursions still occurs in central and west Slovenia. Due to this reason, our goal is to take visitors on an excursion in souteast Slovenia, where viniferous hills are met with valleys of rivers, such as the Sava, the Krka, and the Kolpa, and where many castles and medieval settlements can be found. Small villages which are home to authentic Slovenian cuisine give this land a special charm.

This cycling adventure is suitable for those who want combine recreational cycling with discovering of natural and cultural heritage, as well as gems of traditional Slovenian cuisine.

The excurison will begin in Sevnica and continue along the Sava, the border between Posavje and Dolenjska, a land full of viniferous hills, the lower part of the historic region of Carniola which existed until the end of Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The path will cross the ridge of Gorjanci and continue into Bela Krajina, the land of birch trees, good wine and friendly people, and in the end turn towards Dolenjska again.



  • Lenght: 0 km

  • Elevation: 0 m

  • Surface:

  • Sights: Tour of Sevnica. (castles, First lady cake)


Arrival to the beautiful city of Sevnica

The transport will take us from the airport to Sevnica, birth place of the first lady of the USA where the visit of the Sevnica castle, a welcome drink and introduction of accompanying team will follow. The day will end with the ride to the tourist farm, dinner and an overnight stay.


  • Lenght: 57km

  • Elevation: 230 m

  • Surface: asphalt and cycling path

  • Sights: Rajhenburg Castle above the Sava Valley, Kostanjevica old centre, Kostanjevica Cave, honey picnic, vineyards and vineyard cottages, tasting of cviček.

Brestanica - Krško - Kostanjevica na Krki- Otočec

Through the valley of Slovenia´s longest river, into the mystorious underworld and back to the land of vineyards and vineyard cottages

The excursion will open with a tour in a plain land. After breakfast, we will descend to the Sava, Slovenia’s longest river, and follow its stream to Krško. The path will lead us past majestic Rajhenburg Castle. We will leave the riverbed of the Sava and continue towards Kostanjevica, where we will cycle through the city centre of this amazing old town on the isle on the Krka. This segment will be followed by the visit of Kostanjevica Cave where 300 m of miraculous underworld waits to be explored. The excursion continues along the Krka where on an idyllic location a visit to a local bee keeper and a picnic with local honey products follows. Surrounded by vineyards and hills of Gorjanci, the cycling continues towards Otočec, where we have dinner in a local inn, followed by wine tasting of local speciality, cviček. The accomodation in vineyard cottage and overnight stay.


  • Lenght: 54km

  • Elevation: 820m

  • Surface: asphalt and cycling path

  • Sights: Otočec castle, Novo mesto and the bend of the Krka, tuff waterfalls, beauty of Bela Krajina, a lesson in the old school, sports activities in camp next to Kolpa river

Otočec-Novo mesto-Radovica-Metlika-Podzemelj

From the land of civček to the land of birch trees

After breakfast, the excursion continues towards Otočec, where the Otočec Castle, the only water castle in Slovenia greets us. The cycling continues on a cycling path towards Novo mesto where a visit of the old city centre of a city, established on the bend of the Krka river in 1365, is organized. Local roads lead to Vahta, a pass between Dolenjska and Bela Krajina and there the descent towards the land which was named after the white of birch trees and their garbs. First stop is in Radovica where Bela Krajina is introduced to visitors in a humorous manner in the old school, and lunch is organized in a nearby inn. The excursion continues to camp  which is located at the Kolpa river and there the daily stage of the excursion is finished with a chance for water sports, dinner and accomodation in mobile houses.


  • Lenght: 50km + 30 by car

  • Elevation: 800m

  • Surface: asphalt and cycling path

  • Sights: Karst spring of the Krupa, chocolate tasting in Dolenjske Toplice, drive past Žužemberk castle the owner of which helped stop Turkish incursions, heavenly view from Nebesa, hay rack museum.

Semič - Dolenjske Toplice - Trebnje - Mirna- Nebesa nad Šentrupertom

From Bela krajina to Dolenjska and all the way to »heaven«

After breakfast, the path will lead us towards Semič, with the shorter pause by the spring of the Krupa river which comes to the surface from under a 30 m high cliff. The excursion continues towards Dolenjske Toplice where tasting of home made chocolate and lunch waits. After lunch,  the transport will take cyclists past Trebnje and Mirna to Slovenska vas where the final part of this stage begins: ascent to Nebesa (»heaven«) a peak above Šentrupert which rewards its visitors with a majestic view of Dolenjska. After the visit of Nebesa, a descent towards Šentrupet follows, with a visit of the Land of hay racks, a unique museum of hay racks, which served for hay drying and as centres of social life. A proof of it will be presented to us in a form of a village party which will be followed by an overnight stay on hay racks.


Fairwell and depatures.

Breakfast, sightseeing in hay rack museum, transport towards airport / hotel.


      • Bicycle excursions are organized on optional date, for gropups of no less than 4 participants and maximum 7 participants per guided group.
      • Due to the great density of local roads and the lack of bicycle lanes outside settlements, the bicycle tours are organised on local roads with smaller density of traffic, and partially on existing and marked bicycle lanes.
      • Because gravel roads are included in the excursions, trekking bikes are required. Optional rent of electirc bike is possible, for additional payment.
      • Participants cycle under guidance of an experienced guide.
      • Accompanying vehicle is at participants’ disposal for technical support, support with drinks and snacks, luggage transport.
      • All the stages are of medium difficulty, the length of a segment, as well as the duration of the entire excursion can be adjusted in accordance with the wishes of the group.


The price depends on the number of participants.


      • rental of a trekking bike (if participants have their own bikes, the price is lower),
      • accompanying vehicle with a trailer, technical support and luggage transfer,
      • 4-night unique accommodation (tourist farm, vineyard cottage, glamping and hay rack),
      • half board ( local breakfasts dinners) and snacks provided by accompanying vehicle,

qualified bike guide for the entire trip,

      • fees (Kostanjevica cave, vine tasting, lesson in Old school , Hay rack museum).
      • transfer from and to the nearest airport (Ljubljana, Zagreb).


      • lunches,
      • other sightseeing and sports activities, in accordance with wishes of the group,
      • rental of electric bike.